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We receive e-mail's and phone calls all the time asking for information to help start a paintball field.
So we decided to list the most asked questions and their answers.

Where can we find paintball insurance?
     These are the biggest that we know about:

     American Paintball League -              1-800-541-9169
     Cossio Insurance Agency -                     864-862-2838

Where can we buy wholesale paintball supplies?
     There are thousands of wholesalers to buy from, we are listing only a handful.
     Kee Action Sports -                  1-800-334-0502
     Tippmann Pneumatics, Inc.        219-749-6022
     Kingman -                                 1-877-477-9337
     Weekend Warrior Sportz            864-409-1088

Where can we buy paintball safety netting?
     Make sure you get netting mad for paintball.
merican Paintball League -   1-800-541-9169
     Kee Action Sports -                  1-800-334-0502
     Weekend Warrior Sportz            864-409-1088

Where is the best place to advertise our paintball field?
     Qwest Dex Yellow Pages - Under the Heading "Paintball" - 1-800-422-1234
     Minnesota Paintball Internet Guide - www.MNpig.com      -  admin@mnpig.com

What Towns can we run a paintball field in?
     You must check with the Town and County to find out what laws they have to regulate
     paintball and air guns. And also check what the land must be zoned to run a paintball

To contact us with question about paintball in Minnesota, you can e-mail us at Email